My Brain is Broken


So, today I underwent a neurofeedback therapy session. People, trauma breaks your brain! Stuff that should normally be happening in your brain gets stuck, and scrambled, and confused and distorted. I’m not talking about the way you think or the way you reason. This is an actual physiological change. It has to do with the connection between your amygdala, which is where your fight or flight reaction stems from, and your hippocampus (long term memory storage). Trauma causes a disconnect. Betrayal trauma, emotional withdrawal, and intimacy withholding which can all be part of the sex addict’s bag of tricks, hijack your brain. And if the addict is also a compulsive liar, the practice of gaslighting has also likely been in play. Your brain has actually been physically rewired by the addict to suit his needs and protect his addiction….and you never even saw it coming! Your brain actually begins to function (or rather dysfunction) in a completely different way. Untreated, this rewires your brain and thus becomes the “new normal” in the way your brain works. Constantly in trauma, hyper vigilance, fight or flight mode, paranoia…a multitude of other negative and unhealthy postures. Good news? Neurofeedback targets the exact areas of the brain to the neurotherapist that needs help..thru biofeedback, EMDR, DBT skill work and other therapies. Healing, therefore, is not only possible, but targeted and focused so progress can be made, measured and felt more quickly. May I just say….YAY!!!!! Broken doesn’t mean forever. It doesn’t mean irreparable. It doesn’t mean a one way trip to the brain junk yard. It just means, temporarily under reconstruction. Hope people. Hope.


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