To the”Other Women”


As part of my own need to vent my anger for the other women in Will’s past, I decided to write a letter to them, never to be sent, to get my thoughts out of my head and maybe put them to rest for good. I share them here.

Dear Sluts “Ladies”,

I thought that you should know a few things, starting with the truth. The truth is that Will does not, did not and never will like you. In fact, in an odd quirk, when he chose someone to groom for sex,  it was his preference to look for someone who he could never really like much. He specifically chose women who he found to be annoying, ugly, stupid, or in some way physically unattractive to him (i.e. flat-chested, overweight, no shape etc..) I have seen your pictures and read your emails/texts. This is one area in which he did not lie. The other truth is that Will NEVER told YOU the truth. Why would he? He is a pathological liar. If you thought for one second that he really found you irresistible, or cute, or funny, or pretty, or sexy…well, then you are a bigger fool than even I know you to be. What was irresistible was your willingness to feed his addiction by having absolutely no morals or integrity whatsoever. You have that in common with the many prostitutes that he was with. The difference is that the prostitutes at least got paid..for them it’s a business.  You slept with a married man, someone else’s legal partner, the emotional center of someone else’s life, the father of that person’s children. For what? A bunch of roses bought last minute at the local truck stop and a Victoria’s Secret nightie? That’s cheaper than the cost of a “massage” with a happy ending.

No….The real payoff was for you. You see, here’s the truth you don’t want to hear, you may have tried to justify your sexual exploits with MY husband by telling yourself that he wanted or needed you. That you made him happy. That I didn’t satisfy him…blah, blah, blah. But the truth is, YOU needed HIM. Women like you need to take something that doesn’t belong to you because it helps your own feelings of unworthiness. You mistakenly convince yourselves that you are so special you can steal someone else’s man. 🙄 This is the lie you tell yourself to cover the pathetic desperation of NEED that rules your world. You need to find acceptance. You need to believe you are loved. You need to believe you are sexy, or desirable, or beautiful. Will knew this. He hunted it down. He deliberately chose women who he identified as needy. He could tell just by talking to you one time. He identified your insecurity, your neediness, your loneliness and your desperation….and then he exploited it. And you fell for it.

Will did what he did because he is an addict…he is sick. And he is weak. Congrats…you slept with a sick, weak married man. That is a huge accomplishment. You did what you did because you are also sick. You have a sickness of character, of immorality, of scruples, of decency. You are selfish and delusional. You are broken and have a sick need to break others. Or maybe you are a sex addict too.  I pity you. I pity your children and your husbands or significant others. I pity anyone with whom you have relationships because you are toxic. I pity your future because karma is a real thing. One day, you will love someone and that someone will hurt you, and you will understand. And no one will care because you are who you are. A woman that sleeps with married men. The most despicable type of woman. Lower than the paid for prostitutes.  The most despised type of woman..the one who has no respect for herself, her gender, or others.  Yes, you are broken and yes, I pity you. But I also forgive you. I can do that because you are not worth any effort or time on my part. I choose not to give my power to someone so inconsequential in my life or in Will’s. Simply, I forgive you because you don’t matter. You never have. You are less than human to me so worth less than the time it takes for another single thought. You were just a receptacle for Will’s addiction. Nothing more. Nothing.





10 thoughts on “To the”Other Women”

  1. Yep. Leigh, you nailed it. Sometimes it just feels good to get it out. I wrote a few of these letters, but they were to just one woman. BE’s list of acting out partners is not quite as long as some other sex addicts, but none of that matters. I have said to him numerous times… “I wish it was 80 women instead of one woman for 8 years. I wish I had been called to the police station to bail you out because you had been picked up for solicitation.” I mean, there were 3 women before that last and final one. Three broken women he manipulated and used, two women fit a profile, but then he abandoned the template and just went for available and pathetically lonely and needy and sexually available. I just hate the fact that there was this one delusional woman who is so sick and broken that she would blame me for my husband hurting her. That she refused to admit to herself that she helped instigate the pain that would eventually be unleashed on me because of a phone call she herself made. Her own pain at the loss of her sick sexual relationship with my husband was indeed a result of her own brokenness, but the stalking and abuse she perpetrated on me, was just plain evil. I am sorry we were both faced with not only the evil of our husbands’ addictions, but also the evil of the women who laid themselves out there as receptacles. What a joke if they ever thought they had or could garner more from a man just because they gave him free sex. The cruelty they unleashed is inhuman and they are responsible for all of that. I am so sorry you had to ever feel this pain. I know when I read back over the words I wrote, I cannot believe it was me, but knowing what I have been through, I totally “get” me, and you! ❤

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    1. I can kind of understand the need to feel validated in some way. I felt somewhat that way after d-day (thus my own brief affair). However, to be desperate enough to have to sneak around with a married man, knowing he is someone’s husband, father, grandfather….that’s more difficult. What I DON’T understand is their need to attempt to victimize ME for finding out about them! I mean, whaaa?!?! “Gosh, I’m so terribly sorry I happened to see your nasty selfie and dirty texts that you sent to MY husband. How rude of me to interrupt you into the middle of your homewrecking!” Sheesh! Am I missing something here? 🤔

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      1. Uh, yes. And I didn’t even see anything. I didn’t interrupt anything. This woman called me out of the blue, herself. I knew nothing, I found nothing. She just called because she was pissed that BE had broken off their weird, demented, secret, sick sexual relationship. There was nothing else there. I’m not even sure she ever believed there was something else there. But, apparently she hated me so much that calling me and calling me and stalking me and having me followed and more stalking was somehow my payment for my husband dumping her. Um, okay??? I think we are both very much missing something and I, personally, am pretty glad I am missing that something, because it is strange and evil and delusional and yeah… whaaa?!?!

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  2. Wow. The last burn alone is suffice. ‘Receptacle” is just….wow. i have a relative who calls these gals “dumpsters”…..same idea. 😉


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