I Don’t Like Mondays


Just Another Manic Monday, Rainy Days and Mondays Always Bring Me Down, Monday Monday … Pick any old song about Monday and I’ll run with it. Today is my least favorite day of the week. Monday was named after the moon or “Moon Day” and is astrologically thought to affect one’s mood. I’ll buy that. My mood on Monday is usually not in the “happy just to be alive”category. Today is no different.

I’m still sick so that is already a strike against my mood. Can I please just be done with the coughing-so-hard-I-wet-my-pants phase of this crap?!?! UGH!!!

OK…Sick rant over.

House rant commencing…the deal fell through, the contract was broken and my house is back on the market. Grrrr! I’m wondering if the buyers found out that Skank had been here and were afraid of her cooties….I wouldn’t blame them. Anyway, I was kind of lulled into a false sense of security and was already window shopping for new stuff for the new house etc…..screeeechhhhh! Those brakes just got stomped on…hard! Back to clearing out for last minute showings and possibly setting up for another open house. So bummed about it but, nothing we can do but start all over and get this bad memory sold. I hope it is not as hard to get rid of as Skank is.

Speaking of Skank. This is the good news…only it happened yesterday so Monday still sucks 😏. Will fought with himself and determined that his boundary was still his boundary. He decided however, that the Skank believing that she was so important that the boundary didn’t really mean anything was a situation that had to be managed and managed quickly. Will absolutely did NOT want to call her as he can’t stand the sound of her voice and I think he felt that a call was somehow more personal. He chose to email her. I include the entire email here.

“I’m really angry that after all this time, you chose to break a well-defined boundary of no contact. There is no work-related issue important enough to ever contact me directly. I need to state again that nothing in my past, nothing between us, ever meant anything. I am an addict who was living in addiction, and you were easy and available. That’s it…nothing more. The thought of my past actions disgusts me. The people I acted out with are part of that disgust. You are part of that disgust. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer. I am trying to get as far away from my disgusting, gross past as possible. You are part of that disgusting, gross past. Do not ever contact me again, not through email, phone, text, or mail. There is no need to respond to this email. Just honor the boundary that I have put in place, because it sickens me when I see your name or hear your voice.”

He did not address her by her name and did not sign it. I think he did a good job. I think that even someone as dense as Skank will figure out that he is ashamed of the fact that he ever looked at her twice. As for me, I am glad that he got angry. Will rarely gets angry and I honestly don’t think that he has ever gotten angry at someone for hurting me or my feelings. So…this is kind of a big deal. I am glad that he chose to protect me in this way and also hold to his boundaries. I think that he is also feeling somewhat empowered by his action. That he did not passively let Skank break a boundary with no repercussions. He showed her that he meant what he said. No contact means no contact.

Now….if we can just get a home buyer to understand that a contract means a contract….



6 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Mondays

  1. BE did the same as Will. He became angry and he wrote the OW a letter and did not sign it. He told her that she was an object and that he is a sex addict and that she meant nothing to him and that he loved his family and did not want to ever hurt us again. He told her she meant nothing. He told her never to contact him or anyone in his family ever again. It fueled her fire. She sent a lovely card trashing me and letting me know she knew the name of my therapist. She continued to call, and she showed up on a plane with us. After he wrote the note I felt better for about five seconds, then I realized she would never believe anything he said at this point because he had lied to her so convincingly in the past and she needed to believe her own truth to have done what she did.

    I hope your situation turns out better than mine did.

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    1. I hope so too Kat. I believe that she thinks she could lose her job if she becomes threatening or abusive in any way so I am hoping that will restrain her if nothing else. I also don’t think her now husband knows that she was sleeping with Will while she was dating him and when he proposed to her…yes, she continued having sex with my husband even as she was saying that she would marry another man. She’s a real winner 🙄. So, she knows that Will has met her husband and I don’t think she will risk him finding out about her cheating on him. She is probably still cheating on him now. I am just hoping this will be the last we hear from her. If not, you can be sure I will be vocal about it! 😜

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  2. As frustrating as it has been for me, every therapist/specialist that counseled us has said no contact means no contact. That edict was dictated to me and Blue Eyes and is part of Blue Eyes boundary plan. I know better than to wish him to contact her even if it is to tell her off. I honestly know better and have no desire for him to contact her in any way. She is poison. She also had a lot to lose… she didn’t seem to care. Cutting her off completely was the only way. So, based on much guidance and our own experience I would never advocate for contact of any kind. If these women were reasonable, at all, they wouldn’t have done what they did.

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    1. Well…here’s hoping that if not reasonable, she’s at least not a complete moron and keeps her distance! I am certainly not above unleashing on her and her husband and even interfering with her job if needs be. I’m done being the victim of this slut and her whims. I do think that Will’s email hit its mark though. He didn’t bother to explain himself, elaborate on her effect on us or give her any credit for any pain…he kept it short and to the point…she was a mistake, she disgusts him, stay away. I really don’t think we will have an issue with her any more.


      1. I get it. Will’s email hit its mark for you. I totally understand where you are coming from. I’m just not agreeing with you. I hope you are able to move past thoughts of this woman (regardless of what she does or does not do) because that is what keeps us mired in a victim mentality. It’s not what the women think, say, or do, it’s how we react to it. I know you will heal through this too. It just takes time. I guess I would just suggest to try not to get caught up in hate and venom. xx

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      2. Thanks Kat…and no…I am not giving Skank that much of my time. She’s not worth it. I’m just really grateful that Will sought out the best way to handle this for the both of us and took the action that he did. ❤️


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