100 Things


I am following this trend because I think it’s an amazing way to remember gratitude. If you are not up on this latest blogging phenom started by Totally Caroline, the idea is to list 100 things you love. When you have had a year like I have or like many of us in this little community, this might be considered a challenge. So….here we go:

  1. Summer Rainstorms
  2. New Furniture.
  3. Will (shhh…don’t tell him, I’m keeping him guessing)
  4. Grandkids
  5. Colorado
  6. God
  7. Purple
  8. Losing weight
  9. Marriott Hotels
  10. Laying by the pool with a good book
  11. My flower garden
  12. Making something ugly into something beautiful, old furniture, old clothes, old memories…
  13. My Front porch swing
  14. Christmas
  15. The Atonement
  16. My Sons and Daughter in law…they call me mom 😍
  17. My Dog
  18. My Neato vacuum..his name is Bob.
  19. My Realtor
  20. Crisp clean cool sheets on a warm summer night
  21. The way Will tears up now when he says he loves me.
  22. Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods.
  23. The way my grandchildren love each other..cousin time is always so fun!
  24. Cuddling and watching movies on snowy winter nights
  25. Adam Levine…I could totally learn to be a cougar for that man 😊
  26. The way my kids and their spouses are all best friends
  27. My Therapist
  28. Friends I’ve met through recovery..they are the best, most authentic, funniest, most compassionate, interesting people I know!
  29. Foot massages….(ahhhhh)
  30. The way Will kisses me now…not with the expectation of sex. Just because he loves to kiss me.
  31. Music…almost any genre.
  32. Art…almost any medium.
  33. Yoga
  34. Sketching at Garden of the Gods.
  35. Sketching at RockLedge Ranch.
  36. Sketching at Breckenridge.
  37. Sketching anywhere.
  38. Getting voicemail messages from my grandkids (I save them forever)
  39. Getting a clear mammogram and pap smear
  40. Vacations
  41. Traveling
  42. Road Trips
  43. Learning something new
  44. Lavendar
  45. Playing Wordbrain and Words With Friends
  46. Family game nights
  47. Thanksgiving
  48. Waking up with Will kissing my face.
  49. Sleeping in and cuddling.
  50. Going out to eat.
  51. Grilling dinner at home.
  52. Hugs…real, heartfelt, I love you hugs.
  53. Gut busting, snort inducing, painful ribs laughing.
  54. Driving fast in a high performance vehicle.
  55. Hiking on a clear summer day.
  56. The changing view of Pikes Peak every day.
  57. Twisty cones
  58. Brian Regan
  59. Museums
  60. Disneyland, Disneyworld
  61. Flip Flops
  62. Bare feet
  63. The beach…any beach.
  64. Mexico
  65. Lettuce Wrapped Fish Tacos at the Hacienda
  66. Soft thick squishy carpeting
  67. Shopping
  68. Girls days with my daughters and grand-daughters
  69. The Temple
  70. My Stake President
  71. The Broncos
  72. 16th Street Mall in Denver
  73. Old Colorado City
  74. Chocolate
  75. New cars
  76. Skiing … Ok, these days, watching my kids and grandkids ski.
  77. Date Night
  78. A full nights sleep
  79. The Rocky Mountains
  80. The phrase, “I love you Grandma”
  81. Text messages that make me laugh out loud
  82. Blogging and reading blogs
  83. Crafting, painting, sewing
  84. England
  85. San Pelligrino water
  86. Fresh berries and cream
  87. HGTV
  88. Getting my nails done
  89. Mexican food
  90. Italian food
  91. Chinese food
  92. Food
  93. A clean house
  94. Healing
  95. Finding a forgotten $20 in a jeans pocket
  96. My new found sense of self…I’m a badass 😎
  97. Brene Brown
  98. The Serenity Prayer
  99. Pajamas
  100. My life

What an amazing, fulfilling, hopeful, fun exercise this is! I am so very, very blessed and grateful for all the joy in my life!


15 thoughts on “100 Things

    1. I thought it would be overwhelming for me too, but I probably could have added more. It’s amazing how much I am really blessed…it just took the effort to focus on that alone for me to realize it. Very humbling.

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  1. I didn’t know you were in Denver! I met a darling girl close to the beginning of this journey who is in Denver. A Mormon mom of five. So now there’s two ‘friends’ of mine in that city. Adding to my list.101. Discovering friends who live in the same city xxx

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  2. My life!!! Bravo Leigh. A few months ago you would not believe this could ever be your list. Remember? 🙂 I’m so happy you found your happy place. Being able to be be grateful where we are – surely the first massive sign of healing, no?! Hugs!

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