You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!


I posted last about our 37th anniversary and about how Skank, one of Will’s formers, was trying to accuse me of  posting on a shaming site about her various sexual escapades. Well, I owned up to the ONE post I did over five months ago, but that is apparently not the issue. Someone else that this Skank has disrespected, is even more disgusted by her than I. From what Will and I can tell, it seems that her pic and stories of her exploits have been posted, reposted and then shared between several sites in the last couple of months. Let’s just say that somebody….or maybe more than one somebody….is pretty pissed at Skank and her sleeping around with their hubbys or boyfriends. She’s from a very small town and it looks like she can’t hide anymore. So, because this whole thing started with my post way back in like February, Skank thinks it’s all my fault. Hmmmm…Lets recap here: She sleeps around with my husband. While she’s dating and then engaged to her soon to be husband. Then she continues to cheat on her new husband only not with my husband but with other husbands and boyfriends. Six years later I find out she slept with my husband, the sex addict, and request that she stay out of our lives. She won’t and continues to contact Will “for work related issues” even though she has other people she can contact. I am already in trauma, this woman is a total slut and I have had enough so I post her and one other woman’s pics on a shaming site. I close the account I made to get onto the site and then I am off to inpatient care. While I had NO ACCESS to the Internet, phone or outside world, someone else posted the pic of Skank with their own narrative. In the weeks since there have been additional posts until the last one which was sent anonymously to her work. Keep in mind that Skank takes ZERO responsibility here for flirting with, coming on to and then screwing a married man. In her amoral, perverse mind, evidently, that is no harm, no foul. However, because I, the legally married spouse to that man found out and told the world, I, and now Will, should be punished! She has gone to HR to attempt to get Will fired, her husband has posted nastiness about me and Will, and she is making recovery difficult by breaking boundaries with Will. Even though I only posted the truth about this disgusting whore in a short post on a shaming site over five months ago. Ugh! I have NO control over the dirty crap she’s done in her life or the countless other women she pissed off…yet I am the one she is mad at and is now attacking. I’m sorry, but, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?

And then there’s Will. He is safe in his job but has failed to protect me and explain what has happened. He cowardly accepted that he is to take Skank’s calls EVEN THOUGH THAT IS A CLEAR BOUNDARY VIOLATION. I cannot accept it. We are now in a flux….what to do, what to do? We are at an impasse until we can meet with our therapist. I am so, so disappointed….again. When does this stop? How long does it take for him to figure this crap out? When do I get to be first?

Meanwhile, I finally got moved out of my home and we closed the sale. So, for the next six-nine months I am living, with Will, in our thirty foot travel trailer. Parked in a mobile home park. On the wrong side of town. Will has pulled me down to his level and I have become “trailer trash” If I still had a mom and she knew, it would be one more thing she could be disappointed in.  If this is all some sort of sick, cruel, joke, and if anyone has a heart, please can the fun be over now? Please?


6 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

  1. Leigh, my dear, I am so sorry you have to go through this. You are most definitely not “trailer trash” – it takes much more to be trailer trash than to live in a trailer. It must be so very hard for you to live through, suffer, the consequences of HIS actions, but you are strong, kind and awesome. Brace yourself until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve done so well on maintaining the boundaries that make you (somewhat) comfortable, keep up this great work – and at the same time, be kind to yourself, and keep focusing on your own healing, too. This whole stupid Skank-reappearance and nuisance is just another stupid obstacle on the path, sigh, but you’ll get through this. I know you will make it, and come out as a stronger, smarter, even awesomer woman. I’m sending hugs and prayers your way.

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  2. I don’t want to *like* this frustrating post, but you tell such a fantastic story! So first of all, what is this shaming site?????? Only joking, I’ll try to continue to be all zen and shit. But anyhow, I’m sorry. what a frustrating thing to get drug back into the muck. And good luck with the trailer. I think I would kill even the most precious of husbands.

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    1. Well…if only one of us comes out of this trailer adventure alive, I’d bet on me. I’ve become a lot tougher than I used to be! As far as Skank? Well…you reap what you sow and her past is catching up to her. Karma!!! BWAHAHAHA!

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  3. Sue the whore for alienation of affection, that will shut her up and tell your husband to grow a pair. They were the ones fucking their brains out but you’re the one getting screwed. Can’t make this shit up. Adultery is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Goes without saying that I despise workplace whores. Sending good thoughts your way……you’ve got this. You’ve already proven that you’re stronger than all of them…’re not a cheater, cheaters are cowards.

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    1. Well, I have already spoken to my attorney about harrassment and slander. He is working to see if there is something he can do as far as a restraining order. He believes that maybe just sending her and her idiot husband an official legal warning may suffice. The saga continues….🙄


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