I Am Happy Today For The Sunshine

I awoke this morning to brilliant sunshine (I neglected to close the blind completely!) and a song from my childhood popped into my head. We sang it in church and it had a catchy little tune but the lyrics are actually pretty impactful. After all these many (many,many…many) years, I still remember them:

I am happy today for the sunshine,

For the skies of gray or blue

For within my heart is a song of life,

I’ll live, I’ll work, I’ll do!

It became an ear worm so I took it as a sort of sign. I started to really think about what I am happy about…Today…Now…In the Present. This led to the thought that I could challenge myself to think about one thing each day that I am happy about. Maybe just for the day, maybe because of the day, maybe just…because. Since it is the first of August, my aim is to do this every day this month. I am hoping that after a full month, it will have become a habit. I invite anyone willing and wanting to uplift their own spirit to join me. You may or may not want to write about it…your choice. I am not sure I have the wherewithal to blog everyday, but I am going to try. So, here we go:

DAY 1.

I Am Happy Today For the Sunshine  ☀️

I am fortunate to live in an absolutely beautiful part of the country. I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Amid soaring pines, aspen trees and scrub oak. Nature abounds and it is wondrous and beautiful. Yes, we have rainy days and, of course, we get snow. Sometimes a lot of snow. But, mostly we have sun. Lots and lots of sun. We average over 300 beautiful, bright sunny days a year. Granted, in the wintertime, the temperature may only be just at freezing (or below) . . . BUT, we have clear blue skies and glorious sun that makes the icicles sparkle!

I lived in England for many years and yes, it does rain a lot. And there is fog. And long, gray gloomy winters. It made me grumpy. There are many people that suffer from seasonal depression…completely due to the weather and the lack of sun. I certainly was one of them. Northernmost locations are subject to the most dramatic changes..some places with only a few hours of daylight in the winter. I honestly don’t think I could survive that. For me, that would be akin to starvation.

I NEED the sun. I NEED the vitamin D it provides. I NEED the lift to my soul that it offers me. I NEED the warmth that permeates right to my bones. Here in CO, in the summer, we often get rainstorms in the afternoon. It gets a little cloudy, the wind picks up, the thunder rolls and we get a 15 minute downpour. Then…the sun returns. The Earth is freshly washed and the sun immediately takes care of pesky puddles and wet flip flops. In the winter, we get big snow. Then the sun returns and before there is a need to shovel the walk, it has melted off and soaked deep into the ground to nourish the lawn for the coming spring. It’s a pretty good system! Sunshine makes my heart smile, makes my day happier, makes my burdens lighter. So, I am happy today for the sunshine, for the skies of gray…but mostly blue!  What makes you happy…today?




10 thoughts on “I Am Happy Today For The Sunshine

      1. I say, throw open the curtain and blinds and let the sunshine in…but wear spf 30! I am so sorry you have had to go thru that! Do you take a supplement? I have had to take them…they are enormous!

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  1. It is so weird about the vitamin D deficiency. I am such an outdoor person and of course lived in the sunniest places but because I have fair skin I would cover up and lather on sunscreen and what do I end up with? A deficiency. I have to take 3000 mg a day.
    I have a sister in law who lives in Yorkshire and she has a special lamp that she uses to get through long winters.
    What a beautiful part of the world you live in Leigh. Those serious mountains would give you all sorts of interesting weather.
    For me right now I can hear the wind howling, the rain smashing the tin roof, the river on which this town is built has a minor flood warning and it is cold. So cold that I am being pathetic. Hahaha.

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    1. It is truly beautiful and I feel blessed. And yes, we can warmth, rain, hail, snow and back to warmth all in a the space of a few hours. And when we get a cold front, IT IS COLD! I’m a big crybaby when it comes to the cold too..so I feel your pain. I lived in N.Yorks. For almost 7 years. It is beautiful there too…but not enough sunshine for me. I still miss it sometimes though. Great part of the world in which to live! Never been to your part of the world….maybe someday…😊

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      1. Not sure you really want to come to part of the world I am in right now. It is a lot of nothing. My H used to work for a company based in Denver so we heard a lot about that part of the world and it sounds lovely. Must work on a post. xxx

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