Day 8

Weekend Peace

Weekends make me happy. When I worked full-time, Monday through Friday, they were always something to look forward to because I could sleep in a little and get all my errands done that I simply did not have time for during the work week. Now that I am “retired” I look forward to them for different reasons. I find that I look forward to church on Sunday and the peace the Sabbath day brings. I look forward to spending time with family who are so busy during the week that we just can’t connect. I look forward to date night with Will…sometimes it’s just going out for an ice cream cone. I enjoy the freedom of knowing there are generally no appointments, no schedules, no deadlines or commitments. It is a lovely, free relaxing time for renewal. Interestingly, I used to look forward to the weekend just to spend time with Will. He used to dread the weekends because it was so much harder to hide his addictions from me, family and people at church. The guilt really got to him I think. Now, Will looks forward to the weekends too…to spend time with me. That makes me happy too.


2 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. Somehow I just focused on how Will is finally enjoying his weekends.there are many times I think how their choices made them guilty and anxious and what their life must have felt like. Can you imagine living like that? I would hate it.
    To live with truth and honesty, without fear, or guilt and to just enjoy the simple pleasures of life with gratitude is a good life.
    You have both done so well. Xxxxx

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