An Open Letter to Speaker Paul Ryan

I have never pushed my political beliefs before and I am not trying to sway anyone now, but I believe this and just wanted to share with anyone else who may feel the same. Thanks..Leigh❤️

Eat Pray Vote

By, Jason Willoughby

Mr. Speaker,

In recent weeks, polls have shown the presidential race narrowing both nationally and in key battleground states. With Trump now surpassing Clinton in Florida and Ohio, there is a small but increasingly possible chance that Evan McMullin, your former chief policy director, will win Utah’s 6 electoral votes and deprive either Clinton or Trump from getting to 270. As you well know, this would send the election to the House of Representatives to choose from the top three electoral vote getters (Clinton, Trump, and McMullin). In this scenario, the result of the election could hinge upon your actions.

Although we understand the political position you were in when you endorsed Trump, you have since backed away from him, saying that your goal is only to preserve the House majority and that House members should be free to do whatever they need to in order to get…

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