Today is my D-day anniversary. Three years. Three years ago, May 17th was a Sunday. Will and I had gone to church, come home and had Sunday dinner and then our son and his wife called us as they usually did on Sunday afternoon. Will and I had returned a few days earlier from a trip to Florida. A work trip for him. Time to relax in the sun for me. Time “together” in the evenings for us as a couple. Only….it didn’t really work out like that. For some reason, Will had meetings late in the afternoon and early evening. I spent each night on my own (table for one please) and he was wrapped up in “work stuff” on his phone and IPad.

Well, that Sunday evening, after returning home, it all became clear. Those distant too-busy-with-work-to-spend-time-with-the-wife moments were spent with “The Ho’” planning their next encounter when he would travel to her state ostensibly to work, but actually to have sex. Disgusting, can’t-vocalize-the-words kind of sex. That trip never happened because that narcissistic Ho couldn’t resist sending selfies of herself to Will’s phone…while it was on speaker…while having our Sunday evening convo with our son and daughter in law and grandson. He was busted and my heart was broken out that day.

So, yes. It has been three years since that day. Guess where we are. Florida. Same business conference. Same state. Same time of year. But…different. I am OK. Will is OK. He went to a golf meeting today with a client and unlike last year, I stayed at the resort. I spent time with myself. I read, I watched T.V., I took myself out to dinner and had alone time. I was alone like that trip three years ago, but I wasn’t lonely. We have come a long way. He checked in throughout the day…not to be accountable, but to connect. To say he loved me. To tell me how his golf game went. To tell me what he was having for dinner. It was nice. It was comfortable. It was healthy.

So, yeah….three years. Time has not flown by. It has been rough. It has been painful and we still have our moments. But it is better. Better than deceit. Better than loneliness. Better than neglect. Better than the insanity of addiction.


Leigh ❤️


12 thoughts on “Three

  1. The anniversaries are so difficult. Tomorrow is 2 years since my husband’s last time acting out. It is also our son’s birthday. I am proud of the work he has done to get and stay sober for 2 years. But I am still angry that he stole this Day from me. I am also planning to spend it apart from him just to allow myself to feel my feelings. It’s a little like the anniversary of the death of a loved one. I know I am still sad but surviving. It is not easy. I’m counting on time and continued work on his/my/our part to keep marching forward. Thank you for giving me hope.

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    1. Well…I will say that the first one was difficult. Year two was a little better and this year even less triggering. So, yes, it does get easier but you’re right, it is a stolen day. That will never change, but with time, it may just fade.
      God bless
      Leigh ❤️

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  2. What a dreadful way to find out! 😦 I’m so sorry. You really have come such a long way, on this painful journey none of us want to be on (but it sure does make us stronger and wiser). Reclaim this day, reclaim Florida, reclaim your awesomeness – I know just how hard it is. Hugs!

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      1. I am… ups and downs. Still. It’s been a tough few months, but hopefully something better is in store for me. Who knows. I just saw your latest post – sorry about the pain it brought but wow what a big step


      2. There is always a brighter day ahead….the patience in waiting for it and the effort to make it happen is the hard part. Hang in there sweet friends. Love and thoughts and prayers for you! ❤️

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