Ah…the Oldies

Day 5

Oldies really are Goodies!

I don’t think of myself as old. I’m 55. I forget that sometimes. My initial reaction when asked for my age is to want to reply 36. Not sure why….just how old I feel I guess. And my taste in clothing, music, culture is what I would call current. Now, having said that, there is something about the 50’s and 60’s that I am drawn to.  Listening to Frankie Valley, The Four Tops, The Supremes or Sinatra, Bennett and the rest of those crooners, just calms my soul and lifts my spirits. And, for me, there is just no comparison in television today to I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show and Carol Burnett. We’ve all heard it…oh, times were simpler then. Maybe they were, maybe not. There were still wars, still hunger and poverty. Crime still occurred, atrocities like abuse, murder and torture of innocents. I wonder if it’s not just us that have changed so much. Maybe we have lost our ability to find joy and happiness in the simpler things of life.  I enjoy excitement, vacations, big screen epic movies, amusement parks and technology as much as the next girl. But I find just as much satisfaction and peace as well as joy and happiness in quiet times with family, picnics in the mountains,  playing a board game or working a puzzle with loved ones. I am happy to watch an episode of Andy Griffith on Netflix with Will or put the Sinatra station on Pandora and be sublimely content with life. I am a simple girl with simple tastes. I am good with that. And that makes me happy.